Artificial Intelligence
in Transport

With over 90% accuracy in detection, empower your service teams to make informed decisions. 

AI that's seen more than
2.8TB of equipment data

A focused solution for monitoring equipment health and specialising in the transport industry.

Diagnose and resolve complex service issues, in minutes. Equip your service teams to address problems with over 90% accuracy, enhancing efficiency and reliability.

Autonomous AI

Code-first AI/ML library automating data preparation and pattern recognition, autonomously. Typically producing results of over 90% accuracy and reducing model dev time from months to days.  

Built for any data size

Models that can work with less data and low labels to monitor new equipment. And equally applicable to hundreds of features in high-frequency data. Our unique ground truth mapping utility helps achieve model objective. 

Equipment agnostic

Flexible and reusable AI models that are data-centric and can be applied to any OEM. 

Explainable AI

Explainable in nature, analysing volumes of data for engineers and analysts to make the right decision.

AI that's helping our customers today

Equipment Health Monitoring across your whole fleet

AI engine applicable to any equipment from any manufacturer. So you can monitor your whole fleet without worrying about data standardisation and OEM software incompatibility.

Diagnostic tools to solve in-service fleet issues in minutes

The AI swiftly diagnoses complex service issues, often within minutes. Enabling quick resolutions, reducing service interruptions and maintaining operational continuity for transport providers.

Service insight to manage maintenance parts and personnel

The AI engine facilitates smarter allocation of maintenance resources. This leads to more efficient use of labour and materials, lowering operational costs and improving service quality for transport operators.

High-Accuracy Decision Support to service engineers

With over 90% accuracy in detection, empower your service teams to make informed decisions. This accuracy boosts confidence in maintenance actions, leading to higher efficiency and reliability. Critical for the competitive transport industry.

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