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Amygda Assist is transforming maintenance and operations through context-driven maintenance guidance, speeding up troubleshooting with accurate AI analysis.

This new approach accelerates troubleshooting, drastically reducing response times of service engineers and boosting operational efficiency.

✔ Augmenting your employee knowledge
✔ Speedier troubleshooting process
✔ Factual and reliable answers
✔ Trusted by airlines and rail

Speed up troubleshooting by analysing past resolutions with AI

80% of the knowledge in your org is hidden

The past 20 years have seen a huge growth in the volume of data. Tech advances have digitised documents. Yet business users still spend substantial efforts in interpreting and explaining the outcomes, to stakeholders.

Maintenance personnel find themselves going through this sea of information, often manually.

Because 80% of the data they rely on is hidden away, locked in various formats. 

Get Assist for Troubleshooting Field services Technical support

  • Step by step troubleshooting advice
  • Factual answers only
  • Rapid knowledge build-up
  • Augment human expert system
  • Available in any conversational app
  • No need to share data with ChatGPT

Troubleshooting support

Enhance troubleshooting support by quickly analysing complex maintenance data. It provides precise, context-driven insights, enabling your service teams to swiftly identify and address issues.

Step by step guidance ​

Assist delivers step-by-step guidance, learning from past actions to refine procedures for maintenance teams. Without the need for long training times. 

Increase productivity and skills

Assist significantly boosts productivity for new staff by providing instant, accurate guidance, reducing their learning curve and reducing the skills gap in your org. 

Works on your data, securely

Keep your sensitive data under control. We utilise a range of open source self-hosted Large Language Models for various tasks. Removing the dependency on OpenAI model training. 

Factual answers only

Assist is trained to provide only factual and reliable answers, eliminating the risk of inaccurate or misleading responses. This precision ensures trustworthy support and enhances decision-making accuracy.

Modular agents to make sense of unstructured data

1/ Utilise latest AI models

2/ Agents to proces text, visuals, tables, etc

3/ Reasoning agents to keep costs down

Amygda Assist

Turn your unstructured data into
actionable information

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