Amygda for Rail

Trustworthy and explainable AI that provides decision-making support for fleet teams.


Detection rate 84%
RCA effort ⬇ 83%
$⬇ 30%

Amygda’s AI solutions for Rail serve as the ultimate bridge between maintenance alerts and the necessary remedial actions enabling fleet engineers to effortlessly navigate manuals and internal knowledge bases. Automating the next steps to be taken enables more efficient operations and streamlines decision-making.

Main Features

Faster troubleshooting

Amygda’s Maintenance Copilot integrates AI into the troubleshooting process to sift through extensive data, offering accurate, context-driven RCA.

This new approach accelerates troubleshooting, drastically reducing response times and boosting efficiency.

✔ Accurate and factual answers

✔ Augmenting existing knowledge

✔ Fine-tuned to Rail

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