Unlock the power of Generative AI for Transport​

Elevate your operational efficiency with Amygda’s Enterprise Generative AI. Specially designed for operators and OEMs, our cutting-edge solution utilizes the latest pre-trained transformer models to address industry-specific challenges. Enhance knowledge transfer and streamline operations in the transport sector with our innovative AI technology.

Transport has lots of knowledge in experienced workforce. When the experienced engineers leave or retire, usually, the information is lost.

Not anymore.

80% of the knowledge is hidden

Amygda’s Generative AI for Transport can build up the knowledge, leveraging data from various sources, including maintenance actions, asset information, technical reports, and historical knowledge from expert engineers.

Fast troubleshooting

The AI, powered by LLMs, quickly pulls and summarizes insights from extensive enterprise data and specialized models, enabling swift, accurate problem-solving. This active approach accelerates maintenance decisions and enhances operational efficiency.

Contextual knowledge transfer

Our Generative AI in Maintenance harnesses the collective wisdom of technicians and enterprise data to offer detailed instructions and troubleshooting advice. This system effectively closes the skills gap, empowering all staff with the accumulated insights of experts.

Digital assistant with AI

Amygda’s Generative AI in transport creates a circular benefit by merging human intelligence with AI’s efficiency and scalability. This synergy empowers experts to make more informed, accurate decisions, enhancing system performance and productivity overall.