Amygda Assist – delivering on real use cases in the transport industry with Generative AI

The Rise of GenAI in Transportation

The rise of Generative AI in transport marks a shift in the industry’s landscape, presenting innovative solutions to age-old challenges. From optimising routing to enabling predictive maintenance, Generative AI reshapes the way we design and implement transport solutions.

Amygda Assist

Amygda Assist is a Generative AI application developed to solve problems specific to the transport industry. The application leverages data from multiple sources, transforming maintenance and operations practices and enhancing knowledge transfer. Our Assist application acts as a real-time decision support assistant, guiding maintenance teams through anomalies detected, possible reasons for the issue, and suggesting next best actions, based on comprehensive contextual information. All of this is presented through a user-friendly interface, ensuring both trustworthiness and explainability in AI.

Optimising fleet availability

Generative AI’s predictive capabilities and optimisation algorithms are indispensable in both rail and aerospace industries. By analysing sensor data, engine performance records, and historical maintenance data, Amygda Assist predicts potential issues, allowing fleet owners/operators to proactively schedule maintenance during non-operational periods. This new approach of real-time monitoring and troubleshooting minimises operational disruption and ensures asset availability.

Cost-efficiency and sustainability

Predicting equipment failures and maintenance needs, Assist cuts maintenance costs and fosters sustainability by avoiding unnecessary replacements. AI-powered analytics optimise fuel consumption in rail and aerospace by suggesting route improvements and optimal speeds. This leads to lower fuel costs and a smaller carbon footprint for the fleet.

Amygda Assist can suggest timely adjustments and cumulative improvements that lead to fuel efficiency and operational sustainability. Over time this benefit can be used to invest further in customer focussed initiatives, creating a cycle of enhanced customer experiences and loyalty.

Enhancing safety and security measures

By harnessing the capabilities of Generative AI, the transport industry can significantly enhance security protocols, mitigate risks, and ensure the safety of passengers, vehicles, and infrastructure.

Generative AI applications, such as Amygda Assist, can predict and identify potential failures or maintenance needs in transport vehicles or infrastructure. This proactive approach helps in breakdown and accident prevention, and ensures safer operations. Assist goes beyond predictive analytics; it provides real-time alerts to maintenance teams, offering decision support for immediate issue resolution without service interruptions.

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