Amygda and Rail Innovation Group partnership

Derby, UK – 28 February 2021 – Amygda, a fast-growing tech startup providing decision support systems for the rail industry, today announced it has joined The Rail Innovation Group; a non-profit community that aims to bring digital tech into the rail, to contribute and enable further innovation of the industry.

The Rail Innovation Group, with membership from more than 30 companies, including Hitachi, Iotics, Signalbox, and other suppliers , is a non-profit organisation that aims to explore and develop novel practices for the rail industry in the U.K. This membership will enable Amygda to be part of discussions that are looking for solutions to help the rail industry in the UK bring novel practices, at the same time tackling important challenges. It will also give Amygda the opportunity to share knowledge with other key members of the community,

Rail businesses are facing an unprecedented level of change, with an increasingly tightening regulatory environment and a highly competitive landscape – all while they look to improve their operational performance and meet the needs of their customers. This has led to the development of Amygda’s new decision support system that can help deliver real-time insights into rail assets in order to improve reliability, increase asset availability and enhance sustainability.

The rail industry is undergoing a period of innovation like never before. As a society, we demand more from our transportation systems than ever before, and we deserve to have the latest technology working for us every time we step on a train or plane. Amygda is committed to meeting those demands, by helping the rail industry adopt the latest tech solutions that will make the industry faster, safer, and more efficient. By becoming a member of Rail Innovation Group, we are even more committed to sharing our values and working together with other members in tackling new challenges. ” says Amygda’s CEO, Faizan Patankar.

We welcome Amygda to the community, showing yet another example of how new companies can bring a diverse expertise to the supply chain with new ideas and solutions to support the industry as it responds to a changing mobility landscape and increasing customer expectations,” says Liam Henderson, Chair of the Rail Innovation Group.

About Amygda
Amygda is a VC-funded UK tech company founded by ex-Rolls-Royce engineers, with experience in high-value asset-intensive industries. Backed by Boeing, the startup was recently featured as one of Europe’s Top Data-led Startups by The Next Web and is tracked on multiple industrial analytics market maps for asset management.

About the Rail Innovation Group
The Rail Innovation Group is an independent community with a mission to build the tech ecosystem in rail. The group has 3 roles: providing a neutral space for cross-industry collaboration, helping rail adapt & prepare for future mobility services, identifying new suppliers & providing guidance on pathways into the rail. They focus on bringing new ideas into the rail industry that will empower passengers and lead to improved journey experience.

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