Amygda launches enterprise Generative AI application for the transport industry

[Derby, 6 July 2023] – Amygda, a leading provider of smart maintenance solutions for the transport industry, launches the world’s first enterprise Generative AI application designed specifically for the unique challenges faced by operators and OEMs in the industry.

Leveraging the latest pre-trained transformer models, Amygda’s Generative AI for transport application is set to transform maintenance and operations practices to enhance knowledge transfer and operational efficiency across the industry.

Traditional maintenance processes in the transport sector often suffer from inefficiencies, inaccuracies in data input, and siloed knowledge. More enterprise companies are shifting their maintenance strategies to predictive or smart maintenance, one which is data-driven and contextually aware of asset health. Gartner reports that 70% of enterprises are investigating how generative AI can be applied in their business, while only 19% are piloting the technology.

Amygda’s Generative AI for transport addresses the maintenance and efficiency challenges the transport industry faces head-on by leveraging data from various sources, including predictive maintenance alerts, equipment performance data, technical reports, historical knowledge from senior engineers and more.

Bridging the skills gap

By combining AI to generate alerts on issues before they occur and Large Language Models (LLMs), Amygda’s Generative AI application serves as the ultimate bridge between maintenance alerts and the necessary remedial actions enabling service engineers to effortlessly navigate manuals and internal knowledge bases. Automating the next steps to be taken will enable even more efficient MaintOps and streamline decision making.

“With Gen AI, the transport industry can engage a broader audience of employees by leveraging AI through the medium of intelligent conversation that goes beyond black box solutions and complex interfaces often associated with AI products. It is an exciting step change for the industry and we are keen to help lots of transport enterprises onto their Gen AI journey.”

Shaheryar Khan, Co-founder and AI Lead of Amygda

15X reduction in effort

By streamlining maintenance processes and reducing the time required for complex tasks, companies have achieved remarkable results. In one instance, Amygda reduced task completion time from four weeks to just two hours, representing a 15x reduction in effort time.

To schedule a demo and explore how the application can drive transformative results for your organisation, visit Amygda’s Generative AI in transport.

About Amygda:

Amygda is a Boeing-backed enterprise startup providing smart-maintenance solutions for the transport industry. Our mission is to revolutionise maintenance practices and operational efficiency through the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Large Language Models (LLMs). With a focus on transport-specific challenges and a track record of success with industry-leading brands, Amygda is at the forefront of innovation in the field.

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