AI-Powered OEM-Agnostic Maintenance for Airlines

To ensure reliable and efficient operations, airlines must carefully select which aircraft to deploy for each journey, ensuring they can reach their destinations without issues. This requires:

  • a comprehensive understanding of each aircraft’s current health status;
  • logistical considerations for maintenance;
  • existing maintenance actions.

Amygda provides airlines with health scores for each aircraft by consolidating data from multiple OEMs into a single platform. This enables carriers to prioritise aircraft deployment based on spare parts availability and maintenance capacity. When potential issues arise, Amygda’s AI system leverages historical patterns to specify the underlying problem, allowing for targeted maintenance interventions.

  1. Our AI engine monitors data from aircraft fleets and detects performance issues with 84% accuracy, reducing the risk of unplanned downtime.
  2. Explainable AI methods offer specific troubleshooting insights, ensuring issues are addressed before aircraft reach maintenance depots.
  3. This approach enhances asset performance, improves spare parts forecasting, and increases aircraft availability.

How do you see AI transforming the future of maintenance in aviation? Share your thoughts on the evolving role of AI in ensuring seamless and safe airline operations.

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